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    Everyone deserves a break. Why not relax on the couch and watch TV while your pet gets pampered?

Welcome to Our Salon


Wag Your Tail Grooming is an independently run, home-based dog grooming salon in Bellefonte, PA. Your dogs comfort and care is our top priority. Appointments are private and on an individual basis to provide services in a calm, quiet and low-stress environment. Run an errand while your dog is being groomed, or relax in our lounge, right next to the salon. Appointments usually last between 1 and 2 hours. Feel at ease, knowing that your pet is getting the individual attention it deserves.

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What We Do

All kinds of services

Nail Trim

Nail Trim

Trimming your dogs nails to the correct length

Bath and Brush

Bath and Brush

Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, blow dry and brushing out the dogs hair

The Works

The Works

Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, blow dry, brushing out the dogs hair, and hair cut

Meet Our Team

Seasoned and skilled staff

Our Mission

Delivering the best pet care

Our mission is to provide excellent care for your dog while helping you develop a plan for the best management of your dogs grooming to match your lifestyle and the overall look you are trying to achieve.


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