Pet groomer

Julia Stack

Caring for and learning about animals have always been a part of Julia Stack’s life.  From an early age Julia was interested in learning about animals and their care which led Julia to pursue a degree in Animal Bioscience from Penn State University.  During the summer months in between college school years, Julia worked at New Bolton Center, the University of Pennsylvania’s premier veterinary hospital, assisting with research projects. Following college, Julia pursued a Master’s degree in Dairy & Animal Science with a focus on dairy nutrition.

For over 15 years, Julia has served as a volunteer with the Mid-Atlantic Border Collie rescue, fostering and assisting with the placement of rescue dogs.  Having experience with herding dogs, she has focused on dog training, specifically in agility, for over 15 years. Julia has worked as a dog groomer for the past 11 years at a local veterinary hospital.

Julia has experience and training to understand your dogs needs.  It is her goal to help you develop a plan for the best management of your dog’s grooming to match your life style.  Julia is happy to share her passion of animals with you and your dog.


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